Q: What is Bert’s Shirts and It’s mission? 

A: We have been making and printing garments, as well as running another, separate indie t-shirt brand for over 12 years. Some of you may have found your way over here from there. That brand is more of a punky thing, and has received a lot of VERY LOYAL customers, recognition and success over the years, along with being carried by various retailers. We always offered some animal rights themed tees that were very popular. But our other brand, while loved by many, revolves around a variety of different shirt design themes and statements. 

We are heavily involved in dog rescue and animal welfare here. But over the past year we lost 3 of our beloved rescue dogs and needed some time to emotionally heal and care for our two remaining rescues. Still wanting to help, we decided to branch off from our established (punky) brand, and launch Bert's Shirts. A site and brand 100% focused on animal welfare. With the goal being to produce an ongoing (and ever growing) catalog of garments dedicated solely to animal rescue and animal rights causes. With a portion of proceeds from profits being donated to random animal rescues across the country.

We also wanted to create high quality garments themed around rescue that are a little more bold, striking and often times more quirky and fun than the usual fare out there. Rescue and animal rights shirts and hoodies need not be boring! 

And of course. Bert's Shirts is named after our hilarious rescue dog Bert! 

Q: Are all of your products printed in house?

A: Yes. We are quality obsessed both in print quality and garment quality. All garments are hand-screened in house in our small, indie shop using traditional screen printing methods and equipment. All garments have been selected personally. And we are VERY PICKY. In addition, everything from the design stage to the printing to the packing and shipping is done by us. We are truly a small USA business and we appreciate your loyalty and continued support. We do what we do so that you get a quality item for your money, that still speaks to the cause. 

No labor is outsourced. We use tried and true old school printing methods to create a comfortable, quality, long lasting garment. We do not use DTG or any type of cheap digital printing methods. We do not use fulfillment services to handle your order. And we are not dropshippers. We have our hands, and only our hands, in every aspect of the process to ensure that you receive the very best that we can give. It's a lot of work, there are only two of us, and our dogs Bert and Betty. But we would not have it any other way. 

Q: What eactly does Eco-Friendly Inks mean? 

A: We use only certified soil-safe, water based, vegan inks. They are environmentally friendly and contain no petroleums, plastics, phthalates or heavy metals. Bonus points! Our inks are so safe that we actually use the run off/waste water from our washout booth to water the garden. We take these things seriously and are not into Green Washing for social points. Most people are not aware that the traditional plastisol inks found on many shirts out there are loaded with petroleums, plastics, heavy metals and phthalates.

Bonus, BONUS Points! The use of water based inks equals a VERY bold and VERY soft print with little hand to it, and an overall superior product. There are no rubbery, thick, sweat patch prints around here! Not only will the graphic feel as soft as the garment it is printed on, but it will also last the life of your garment as well. 

Q: Where Are You Located? 

A: We are located in Los Angeles CA. At 14855 Lull St, Los Angeles CA 91405. 

Q: How long will it take for my order to ship?

A: We print all orders in small batches to order. This allows us to not waste stock, which in turn helps us keep prices fair and also offer things like free USA Shipping and Returns/Exchanges. Your order will generally be printed and shipped within 2-6 business days. Usually in the sooner range of that timeframe. And rarely the latter. In the event of a delay beyond that timeframe, which is even rarer, we will always reach out to you.

Q: Are garments pre-shrunk? 

A: Yes. The items you receive will not see any further shrinkage. 

Q: Do you have sizing charts? 

A: Yes we do. Matter of fact, underneath the description of every product on the site, there is an applicable size guide for that particular garment style. Click it and it will open for you to view. If you should need further assistance, please reach out. We will respond as quickly as possible to help you find the perfect garments. 

Q: I don't see my size available can you help me? 

Garment sizing, especially shirt and tank blanks is a tricky thing and we've seen it all in our years as shirt designers and printers. We do not exclude sizing options on purpose. We offer what we can source in the way of garment blanks, and what customers have consistently sought out over the years. For our female customers who might like a size larger than a 3XL lady cut, we always recommend looking at our men's/unisex shirt offerings. They will provide you with a roomier cut that is still tapered, but will fit you very nicely. 

If for any reason a female customer prefers a men’s/unisex version of a tee, we recommend that you go two sizes down in men’s/unisex than you would in a women’s cut. For example; if you might wear a 2XL ladies’ shirt, but would prefer a Bert’s Shirts tee in a men’s cut, then we would recommend a Men’s Large as the equivalent size. 

Having said that, if you are in need of a larger/smaller size than what we offer, please reach out and we can see if we may be able to accommodate you. You might just be helping us out in helping to serve a wider audience. 

If you ever have any questions, feel free to reach out to us. No question is too big, or too small. We will answer you promptly and honestly.